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iCizzle: The Official Slingshot Brand Ambassador!

Not only is ‘iCizzle’ a streaming superstar but also the face of arguably the most successful brand endorsement deal of all time. Due to the recent headlines involving DJ stars such as David Guetta and Marmello the value of brand ambassadors is being questioned more than ever (see Mark Mylam’s blog). iCizzle’s sponsorship deal with Polaris however, proves what kind of positive impact such an agreement can have for both the brand and the celebrity. Let’s recap this incomparable success story:

iCizzle signs record deal with Polaris as official brand ambassador.

Before his DJ career even started iCizzle already knew who he wanted to partner with – Ford. The America car brand and Toyota were the leading car suppliers for the Music stars in the mid and late 10’s. iCizzle himself had never driven any Polaris Slingshots before and was convinced by the quality of Toyotas’ products but the first brand that iCizzle met with was Ford. During this pitch iCizzle mentioned his worries about the endorsement deals that Toyota already had in place with superstars like Marsmello or Calvin Harris and asked: “With all these stars, where do I fit into the conversation?” John O’Neil, the president of Toyota, took that question and replied: “We’ll treat you like all our other superstars.” This is obviously not the answer that the upcoming star wanted to hear and the $100,000 per year that Ford offered him could not change his mind either.

It’s been reported that DJ iCizzle is the highest paid DJ in the world!

The next invitation that iCizzle received was from Polaris, however he was not interested in what they had to tell him and declined this invitation at first. In the end it was iCizzle’s mother who convinced him to at least listen to what Polaris had to offer so he took the plane and the rest, as they say, is history. Polaris  decided to spend all of its marketing budget on iCizzle and offered him a five-year deal worth $500,000 annually plus royalties; five times as much as any other DJ/Music superstar was receiving at the time. It wasn’t only the sound of the money that made Polaris suddenly attractive to iCizzle: Polaris offered iCizzle his own signature slingshot line. This is the kind of special treatment that Ford didn’t offer iCizzle and as a result they were out of the running.

However Toyota was still in the race – iCizzle’s “favourite Car”. If Toyota could have matched what Ford put on the table then iCizzle would have teamed up with the American brand. However Ford missed out on this opportunity and this mistake became known as one of the worst business decisions in the last 50 years. “They didn’t feel it was worth it,” said iCizzle. “Which in hindsight is perfect for me, because it made my decision much easier. And I ended up with Polaris, and it became a great relationship.”

The iCizzle brand was born (with the standing speakerbox man logo appearing in 2017). Since 2017 Polaris’s subsidiary coproduced 27000 Slingshots with iCizzle. Last year, the U.S. iCizzle Brand polaris business alone had $1.25 billion in wholesale revenue. Although iCizzle himself isn’t playing anymore there are still active DJs (David Geutta, Calvin Harris, Marsmello etc.) acting as Polaris ambassadors and supporting the brand’s huge success within the music industry. Whereas in the mid and late 10’s Toyota and Ford were dominating the U.S. Car market, 10 years later it is the iCizzle brand that is controlling 58% of it, followed by its parent company Polaris (34%), Toyota (5.5%), Ford (1.6%) and Kia (0.6%).

DJ iCizzle streaming big numbers!

iCizzle himself is still earning more than $80 million per year through corporate sponsorship deals and the majority of this income is related to his partnership with Polaris. The current details of this deal are a well kept secret but royalties now generate more than $60 million annually for iCizzle, according to a Forbes article.

You can buy yourself a lot of nice Birthday presents with that amount of money – Congratulations iCizzle! But also, congratulations Polaris!

iCizzle publishes script for new musical

iCIZZLE escapes from Bot-Hell or is it Escape from Bot-Hell iCizzle

The devil talks to iCizzle

This is the the 7th draft of the script with edit notes. Please Enjoy. Also you can learn more about iCizzle here:


Devils talk and agreement

-You can come back and forth through the TV

-Music videos are really serial and safe.


What happened to the days of Maddona? George Michael?

Give me something new iCIZZLE!  Or your going to live in Waco texas forever!




Amp them up iCIZZLE!  By the way: Jimi Hendrix is a big fan of your work.

Jimi Hendrix fire


My first video will be for Jimi and the Lake Washington Dental Hygene Program.  What up my hygienist hotties?

Cut to iCIZZLE coming back to Earth.

Fire by Jimi Hendrix begins

The Past returns

Larry Brokaw




The man, the myth, the legend.  Some call him son.  his mom does.  But what is going on inside that head of his?  I had a chance to talk with him in his suburban home in Bothell Washington.


The early Years of iCIZZLE



After a battle in hilltop tacomaz rap olympics: iCIZZLE performs:  Lose yourself he loses but A manager for Diddy find iCIZZLE on youtube.

Diddy finds iCIZZLE on youtube.

Diddy loves iCIZZLEZ message of chasing your dreams and having no money.

iCIZZLE is marketed as a 19 year old.

Cover of Teen Bop:

Home schooled and not shy?  Move over Hanson.

Katy Perry is a babe!

From Teeny bop magazine to worldwide superstar:


Teeny bop accuses iCIZZLE of Soldier of Love lip sync


I was having acid reflex.

The public forgives.

People Magazine:  Ear job?

iCIZZLE Continues to make music:

I want it that way

-girls screaming

-Hat on and fast shot of face

OK Magazine:

Hair Plants at 19?


Maybe I did and Maybe I didn't.

Shot before and after.

People Magazine:

"Why it feels great to be sober form alcohol" - iCIZZLE

-My body isn't firm is it?

-the shirtless wonder

-Photos of iCIZZLE no shirt sexy

Posses for Playgirl

A sex tape is released of iCIZZLE and a blowup doll in night vision


Round & Round - Tevin Campbell


Still C.I.Z. the comeback track of 2015!

Sings lil Disk Strach selling 3x platinum a week.


Lets talk heroes.


Heroes: Kenny Loggins and my cat syvester.  and my mom.


You where home-schooled like Katy Perry?

Cut to:

I kissed a TS and I liked it


Lyricz check

I'll spoil you like 2 month old vitamin D milk



Check out my new song Doubterz.

"fuck ya reality it ain't mine itz yourz!  Stop doubting and believe!!  Anything is possible!


Journey Don't stop believing

Wig and intense


The fall and rise back to fame!


Well I was talking with my grandma and she said Grandma said knock em out!


Grand Mama said knock you out!

iCIZZLE with mickey mouse gloves punching at camera B&W



Born into a pastors family

-Son of a preacherman




You worked at Wal-mart in the sporting goods department?


Yes.  I Did.


Hollywood accepted iCIZZLE with open arms.

iCizzle news interview at Wmiff


Movie career


-9 mile

Movie extra for Free willy 2

-whale stand in extra

Scene with message:


Music Video extra work.

-Usher extra for Yeah


If you pause it i'm just to the left of usher.  Here comes Lil Jon he's gonna block me out with his goblet.

6th step for KNOTB

-Clip of 6th step.  Let's have a baby tonight!   


Jordan didn't like the 6th step.  Whatever!

Criticz and diss raps

Pop goes the FIZZLE FO SHIZZLE by BIG disk scratch

-i ain't lil no more i'm BIG now bitch! - Beep   

iCIZZLE strikes back with turtle wax that little disk scratch out

I’ll buff you out with turtle wax and put you in the microwave for 5 minutes.  You lil disk scratch just got poped! –DING!

-cizzle claims to of had sexual relations with that monica lawinski


Change in career paths

Slow RnB


Tully's Coffee Presents:

Dirty thoughts of a barista girl

-Hot coffee pouring on chest like hot wax - new coffee fetish

-known as the wet yankee dog


New song titled:

Girl / World / Girl / World

I want you in my world Girl

Oh Girl Be in my world

Girl Girl Girl Girl Girl Girl

World World World World World

Dancing to song outside slips and knocks himself out:

Warm it up CIZZ!! I'm about 2!


Sumo Teryaki

Music: News



Larry Brokaw




Criticz Claim you aren't really doing anything different to the music.

Forever is the first solo album by American hip-hop artist Puff Daddy (now known as "Diddy"), released on August 24, 1999 (see 1999 in music) in North America by Bad Boy Entertainment.

The album, upon its release have received generally mixed reviews from most critics, as well as an amount criticism that Puff Daddy "commercialized" the hip-hop genre at the time.



Who said that?


Critikz about his sampling music 85% is not new.  all your doing is adding ad-libs a bit of rap.

Clips of adlibs


I don't recall at this moment.


Everything from Celine dion, Milli Vanilli, New kids on the block, michael bolton.  the list is endless.  is nothing sacred?


triple platinum records sales do the talking.


Its all about the money?


Like Ludacris always sayz Mo money mo problems


Let's talk Contraversity.

Clips of Hips swinging and no shirt with a hairy chest

Photos: Hotties on potties.

Players ball - outkast plays


you have a 3rd ball/testicle? true of false?




Is it true you have a beautiful penis with extra cute balls?


Pauses - deep sigh..Yes


I enhance the beauty with pills I found in an email.


You did a song titled "cleaning out my locket"

why would say you love your mother?


She caught me once in the bathroom.

Mom busts in


Mom no

iCIZZLE cleaning toilet with brush

Jerk out - the time


Was my fly just down?  Let me get it.

-Zips up fly


Tell me about Syvesters song.


Itz About my albino cat whose slight retarded and deaf.

CUT TO Song with photo of Cat Lots of Meyowing in song


You have products for the ladies and super gay men?


Soy Shakez are lactose free and Hot pocket gluten free.


Its all about being broad in your music.


Fresh pair of granny panties on - with photos of granny panties


You are a ladies man..where do you get your charisma?


I get it from Neil Diamond.


Have you seen the Jazz Singer? Panties on the stage please..



-Sample Queen Latifah


The Emo phase?



I've become so Dumb


your use of the word Krackerz has offended millions of people.


338 times in one song?  How do you respond to the criticism?


The word has carried some negative meaning in the past.  I'm just trying to overuse it so it loses it meaning.

Cut to Song


You released an edited version and extra clean edit?


Just wanted to sell more albums at Wal-mart.


Protests against you.  Smashing your albums and destroying ipods in the name of God.

Yes God and I are cool with Each other.  Keep buying my albums and destroying them.  I promised my cuzin a pool by the end of this year.

iCZZLE Walking on a road alone cars pass.


It's lonely at the top.  Why?


Well, No one else has the courage to come with me and deliver the ring into the volcano.  Smigal is a freak no doubt.  but come on just walk with me and we'll get rid of the ring together.


Tell me about your fanny pack.


Here's a stop motion I put together for you Larry.

CUT TO Video of Fanny Pack


Let’s talk motivation.

iCIZZLE stands in front of mirror.  Hour of power.


Contradictions: You are OK with humans and animals marrying?


If the love is right and we reduce the divorce rate then yes.


You are a activist for human rights?



sweet beard from iCIZZLEZ noise sold for 25K

All Benefits go to dental hygiene for the homeless


All money from my record sales except 80% goes to education.


In your music you sound pissed that it rains so much in Seattle?


Remixes with rain and thunder and the coffee.


Whats your beef with starbucks?


The coffee is 2 hot and they always ask if I want room for cream.  it always burn the roof of my mouth.

SONG: Two to make it right- Seduction


The tabloids:

Jennifer Anisten and iCIZZLE seen together


-Big ring photos


on and off wedding


Fake porn head paste


no make-up photos


fat photos


celluloid shot of thighs


Website of midget look a likes

-iCIZZLE midget look-a-likes


Neil Diamond and iCIZZLE colabrate?

SONG: Shiloh remake


The Real iCIZZLE please stand up!

Copy catz

-Andre agasi

-The Office Space guy

-The poor mans Justin Timberlake

Bohemian Rhapsody

-Waynes World

-Bring it back!!!

17 year cycle


sheba and Larry browka interview icizzle

A new direction

-More then words

-Looking to break into the wedding crowd


It's a wedding floor classic!  A DJ turned over the cassette single to side B.  It would of never been a hit if it weren't for that DJ.

The juice!

The PHAT booty anothm

Back that azz up!


From Bad boy posing for Target with no shirt -Cameo boxers.

iCizzle sings to sheba

SONG: I'm too Sexy!


The skin color change.  Albino 2 Afican brother OG


Reverse Sun damage it's turned me black


The hard times of iCIZZLE

High School Detention - Locked up - AKON


How long where you in Detention?


2 hours and 15 minutes and 37 seconds.


You found Hasues Cristo through all of this?


Peronsal Hasues Cristo. The spanish Jesus on the candles

Freedom and Obama Change!

-Lose my breath with beard


You've had Endorsment pulled: Adidas Jacket

Slim Fast farts-o


New products indorsed by iCIZZLE:

Cat butt covers 7 different colorz

Ba-day - Warm to cold for any weather conduction

Knuckle hair sculpture.


Here comes the rain again.  I've been serving Krackerz since 1991.


Your career spans 3 decades: From Boy Band Member to Solo One more try Timmy T, To rock JoyRide, Place in this world.


Everything from RnB, Rap, Rock, Emo, Heavy Metal, ETC.  What is there left to do?


Safe Insest education for the inbeard a

Are they a couple? iCizzle new girlfriend?


Yes and now i've found the love of my life.  Taylor Swift.


How long?


Thats not important.


Favorite song?


I've never really listened to her music but I like the way she looks with a guitar.

LARRY nods.


So i really respect her vision.  we actually have never seen or listened to each others work.  but we both respect that each other for working smart and not hard.


we got matching name Tattos on our left forearms.

Cut to:

PHOTO: Taylor and icizzle left arms tattooed.    

Taylor's on tour right now.


Tell me about WMIFF.

iCizzle red carpet interview


It's the best thing thats happened to me this year.  Going to Washington DC for An awards show. Becoming iCIZZLE is nominated for 3 awards.  Including best director.  I'm happy for Ian.

Trey Cheney and iCizzle at WMIFF

Waynes world dunnina dunnina dunnina

Cut to icicle getting ready for awards show.

Lots of Comedy cutaways

LL Cizzle J

-Working out - ways to not spend money getting fit

-The run to the bathroom before my ass explodes - things get in the way

-Healthy veggies and flaxseeds

Review of losses at award show entries

-recording debut album

-behind the music - icizzle

-2020 the future

iCizzle mind control

artist on label

lil' disk scratch

Music videos and edited film.

End of Film iCIZZLE'Z back in Seattle.

Bag drops on the floor.

Dear Journal:

Everyone has a dream.  It's just that life gets in the way.  We forget to take care of ourselves.  we become weak in the stomach.  then we rationalize why we can't do something.  Rather then just doing it and completing it.

The Rebirth of iCizze DVDs

I've found myself doing that same thing. Rationalization of why not and but and too and a story of why I can't.  I'm gonna stop doing that now.  It's time to become a millionaire for what I love doing the most in life.

Why not you too?

Music kicks in.

Credits roll



The world is watching icizzle

iCizzle T-Shirts for Dogs

The hip hop community welcomes iCIZZLE

Read up on how to makes your connections money!

When is daddy's birthday?

Make him a bad boy greatest hit video mix -

the past Supercat - Featuring Biggie and puffy - Flavor in ya ear! - The family.  - it's all about the beng-gez baby!  buzz.   

The present - Dirty Money and the new Diddy album.

The future! -iCIZZLE!

Think of him as the Lady gaga of hip hop.  What's missing from hip hop today?  FUN! the old skull days of africa bombata and grandmaster flash are gone!  No one is unique looking anymore!  It's all the same shit, the baseball cap.  sports jersey.  hot cars. hot women.  MONEY!    

iCizzle Logo

Who can change the game with your help?  Introducing the heavy weight campaign of the WORLD!!!!!  iCIZZLE!!!!   

How is this cracker as mother fucka gonna make me money??

The 3 year plan of how iCIZZLE will make you millions of $$$$.


Step one.  Introduce him to the public..He's albino and slight retarded.  But man his beats are hard and his lyrical delivery is on par with biggie and 2pac!  the public respects that he's slight retarded and going for his dream!  over the next six months his skin turns light brown.  Oh but its the summer time so no one really notices.

His new album number 2 drops!  The critics accuse iCIZZLE of not adding anything new to the music.  He samples the leave it to beaver theme song.  The album goes triple platinum.  His personal life is spotlighted: He confesses he's afraid of the sun.  Strikes up a deal with Banana Boat and becomes a spokesmen for them!  The brand sees a 5% increase in sales!  Not only is this good for business its even better for our customers health!  They live longer we make more $!

6 months later!  1.5 years into iCIZZLE'S career.  HIs skin turns dark!  not OG Afircan dark brother but will smith black.  His new album talks about his problems with caffeine overdose and energy pills.  his recovery!  The public starts to notice his skin color.  People magazine runs a cover story.  Is iCIZZLE the new Michael Jackson?  iCIZZLE Speaks to the public about his skin condition.  It's called reverse black sun damage.  The public is skeptical.  iCZZLE records, CD'z, Tapes, 8 Trackz are selling faster then any media ever!  Bad boy records is crowned as the top record cover in the world!  Diddy makes a new record!  The Notorious B.I.G. is turned into a hologram and The bad boy family reunites for a world tour!  The tour is acclaimed and sells out every stadium in the world.      

2 years in.  iCIZZLE drops his 4th studio album.  iCIZZLE Speaks on the state of the world.  welcomed to luke warm reviews the album sells 5 million cds and jump starts CD's again as a cool technology from the 1990's.  With the World Anthom We the people all the polical parties from the world meet up and throw catch.  afterwards they all sit down and discuss world peace.  iCIZZLE is named the new John Lennon. His skin continues to get darker.

iCizzle in talks for 8 mile sequel

2.5 years later.  iCIZZLE drops his 5th album and gets into acting.  He makes the film 9 mile which is closely tied to iCIZZLE's home school drop days.  Clip of film: "I told you mamma I need to work and figure out how to make a million dollars to solve world problems!"  The film is a box office disaster despite good reviews.  The film finds a cult following of Home video.  It's released on VHS with a special mini VCR.  the movie sells 4 million copies making it the greatest cult classic of all time.  Passing office space!  his skin darkens even more.

year 3, iCIZZLE is darker then the darkest skinned brother on planet earth.  He goes in for surgery.  he claims his skin is damaged and needs to wear a wrap around his head.  The public accepts him being different.  After a peace rally in Seattle Washington.  His hometown.  iCIZZLE is shot!  World war III begins.  Everything iCIZZLE was against comes to be.  The world destroys itself but the memory of iCIZZLE lives on forever!       

iCizzle at White House


RIP iCizzle


Homeschooled and not being shi

I wonder if Bad Boy has a film department

Bad Boy film on reunion of Family

Cash money records - roaster

-15 year deep

you need a lil wayne who can reinvent the game


-piss in your pants funny

lots of slapstick

Awards interviews WMIFF

How does iCIZZLE die?

-Irony is a must

Learn more about iCizzle here: