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Digital Shorts by icizzle are here!

"the world is a crazy place!" icizzle tells us.  we sit down and talk about a few characters that are in digital shorts.  Let's talk about Walter T. Agnus the deergle hunter.. Yes Walter is based off a friend i have who has a southern accent and all the neighbor disputes I was hearing at the time.  what about dog ids? Dog ids is one of those collections that you think will become a viral and then nothing happens.  It was a blast to make and I have a script ready for vol.2


Have no fear the bagman trailer is here!

Buy Bagman:

Award-Winning Short filmmaker ICIZZLE presents BAGMAN.

Ethan Michaels is 31, lives at home, doesn't have his GED, or a job and his girlfriend just broke up with him because she wants a career driven man.

His only dream since childhood is to become a superhero. His parents want him to become a pastor for a safe and secure life to pay the bills.

Ethan rebels and becomes a superhero named Bagman, joins forces with a sidekick pig named Julio and fights the diabolical Boxerman Guy.

In the process he meets Rose Mary and the two date. Will Ethan get a job, his GED and will his parents allow him to become Bagman as a career?

The award nominated “Becoming iCIZZLE” 5 years later

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From Music Video and Short Film Director Ian Cranston comes the short film collection debut Becoming iCIZZLE. Afraid of losing his job in the bad economy, Ian Cran decides to quit his job and chase a crazy dream to get an art studio and make a film. In the process he reinvents himself and creates the alter ego iCIZZLE who longs to become a rap star from the suburbs. Ian visits friends from Hilltop Tacoma to understand what it truely means to be from the streets.