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Kayne West is pissed at iCizzle for naming album series King and not Jesus is King - written by Albino Black


Rapper Kanye West speaks during a meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump to discuss criminal justice reform in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., October 11, 2018. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque – RC1F1378E300

The former secular rapper Kanye West was reportedly overheard in a Beverly Hills restaurant. West who recently debuted as a christian rapper. some have claimed that West was out of albums that would stream. So after a board meeting with Kayne Wests marketing team. The team looked at Kayne’s album sales and streams and told him there’s no competition in Christian rap.   

Rumor has it that West converted to becoming Christian after hearing that Christian music does big streams even if you don’t have the streams like you did back in the day. Jesus and God have always done numbers since the 1970s. With songs like spirit in the sky by Norman Greenbaum bing licensed to thousands of movies and tv shows. 

So whats the problem Kayne West has with iCizzle? Someone overheard Kayne West ranting about Jesus being the only king and not iCizzle. iCizzle has released 2 of 3 albums tilted King I, King II and King III. This isn’t the first time a former secular rapper has taken notice of iCizzle and his King like attitude. Most notably iCizzle’s claims he is an actually King of DJs. Sources reported that iCizzle walks around with a crown on his and demands no one look at him in the eye when he’s DJing.

The King II album has been named “Best of the year!” and “Grammy worthy!”. Other have called the album experimental and uniquely different. “It’s refreshing to hear music that isn’t the same song after song.” tells a fan of iCizzle’s King album series. “I just hope he keeps making more music.” iCizzle’s fan continued to tell us.

We talked to iCizzle’s people and no comment was given. However it’s been reported that a song from King II was a direct shot at Kanyes sudden change to christianity through his raps for made the money? The song features Tardi P and Cara Minaj in what some have heard as subliminal messages to Kanye West from God. Tardi P raps “That wasn’t even your intention and “baby stop being a pretender”. Cara Minaj is on the hook and is telling Kayne West to stop callin’.

Have you streamed the new album King II from iCizzle? let us know what you and is Kayne West right for being pissed about the King series?