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Be Happy! Can 1 is celebrating it’s 10 year in release!

Can 1 Person Make A Difference? | The iCizzle show about people making a positive difference in the world is turning 10! We are celebrating by re-releasing all the episodes in order of original release.

            All episodes of "Can 1 Person Make A Difference?" are being rereleased for the shows 10th anniversary.

The synopsis for the show was simple and yet timely, here's how the first writeup looked: Can 1 Person Make a Difference? After becoming so feed up with the mainstream media being so negative about human beings. I made a film about traveling the United States looking for good people making a positive difference in the world.

Ian Cranston making the decision to create "Can 1 Person Make A Difference?" after a award show in Washington DC

According to IMDb The award winning show first took notice with the "Be Happy" episode. The episode would win the best short documentary festival award at the World Music and Independent Film Festival 2011, located in Washington DC.

iCizzle (Ian Cranston) shares his award award with American singer-songwriter Carol Conners.             
Festival Award
Best Short Documentary
Ian Cranston
ICIZZLE Productions


The timely message of the show and the leading character of iCizzle. The show promoted the message of finding the best in humans and highlighting the positive side of life. It took aim at Dog shelters and the people finding the solution to the problems.  The show would go on to win and become part of the red carpet event at the New Media Film Festival Awards in Hollywood, California at the world famous Cinerama theater.