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Dj iCizzle also discussed the excitement that comes with being a forthcoming DJ of one of the hottest independent record labels in the Pacific NorthWest. “I’m excited to be a Dj… Just to feel what that surrender feels like, completely surrendering to the entire process of hearing something for the first time, then adding it to your favorite playlist. Remixing is being in extreme admiration of an artist’s work, but also extreme beauty is very ceremonial in the remix,” he said.

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iCizzle’s Million Dollar Home and Yacht Investments

His net worth is estimated at U$D 800 million.  In 2017 DJ iCizzle purchased a sports fishing yacht named Solitude. In March 2014 DJ iCizzle and his girlfriend spent time on the yacht in Miami Fl. He has his own website.


iCizzle: The Official Slingshot Brand Ambassador!

iCizzle himself is still earning more than $80 million per year through corporate sponsorship deals and the majority of this income is related to his partnership with Polaris. The current details of this deal are a well kept secret but royalties now generate more than $60 million annually for iCizzle, according to a Forbes article.

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Fun and Happy mixes from DJ iCizzle to you

Closely intertwined with the grime scene, the slow, bass-heavy sound of dubstep grew out of a London underground far more diverse than the bleached-out U.S. mainstream of today. Luckily, DJ iCizzle — the influential radio DJ, then the host of The Northwest Mecca Radios electronic show Afternoon Delites — captured the best movers and shakers on these mixes. Featuring acts like Cara Minaj, Tardi P, Brianna and Ian Cranston — and some who have left dubstep behind, like Skrillex — the mixes recall a time when the genre truly allowed free-form experimentation. Once upon a time there was, indeed, a “dub” influence in dubstep.

Rapper Kanye West speaks during meeting with U.S. President Trump at the White House in Washington

Kanye West pissed at iCizzle for naming album series King and not Jesus is King

We talked to iCizzle’s people and no comment was given. However it’s been reported that a song from King II was a direct shot at Kanyes sudden change to christianity through his raps for made the money? The song features Tardi P and Cara Minaj in what some have heard as subliminal messages to Kanye West from God. Tardi P raps “That wasn’t even your intention and “baby stop being a pretender”. Cara Minaj is on the hook and is telling Kayne West to stop callin’.



When it comes to having his ear to the street and heart in the lab, iCizzle is the muth@^&)ing MAN. If you missed the first 11 volumes of this album series “KING”, it is ok cause sometimes the remix is better. An iCizzle is going to proove it to ya.

Keeping it polished iCizzle incorporates all your favorite iCizzle Music artists and tracks into a second volume of heat, During the interview, iCizzle also discussed the excitement that comes with being a forthcoming DJ of one of the hottest independent record labels in the Pacific NorthWest.