icizzle joins cast in new reality show

It’s official icizzle has signed on for season 1 of the reality show “From The Bottom 2 The Top”.  watch the show open released via dundealent.com above.  “My role in the show is to be the world’s greatest cameraman as I tour with R&B sensation J-Shep and the Dundealent.com crew.” icizzle continues “I’m looking forward to season 2.”  From The Bottom 2 The Top is slated for a late 2015 – early 2016 release date.

4 Replies to “icizzle joins cast in new reality show”

  1. bagman

    Congrats icizzle!!! well deserved!

  2. Joan

    icizzle is sexy

  3. tyra

    he’s hot

  4. Happy for your progression icizzle, thanx for your updates radio..


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