Elvis What If about to hit 100,000 views in 3 months on youtube

icizzle’s film festival nominated conspiracy documentary “Elvis What If?” is about to hit 100,000 views in a little over 3 months on youtube.  The video has over 190 comments in which icizzle has replied to almost all of the comments good and bad.  with almost 381 likes and 62 dislikes the documentary has made some waves on youtube.

you can watch the conspiracy documentary above.. Enjoy

Synopsis: In 2012, I filmed the movie “Elvis What If”. Since that time it seems like a certain company (that I will not name here), and other companies owned by that nameless corporation, have done everything possible to stop the fans from seeing this film. It didn’t work. And that is thanks to people like you watching and sharing the film. I also noticed that shortly after it became obvious that my movie wasn’t going to be shoved away in a corner another, more mainstream, movie was released that also proposed a different account of history in the “Elvis world”. You may have seen it. It’s called “The Identical”. If you’ve seen both “Elvis: What If?” and “The Identical” then you know that they present drastically different possibilities for you to consider. I’m not going to say which account (if any) is the actual, true, historically correct one. I’ve always left that up to you to make up your own minds after seeing what I found. I will say that the timing of the release of “The Identical”, which presents a much more “corporately acceptable” version of history, has always seemed a little “fishy” to me. Again, you can make up your own minds on that one too.

Anyway… I never imagined the impact that my little ole’ “No Budget” film would have both on the Elvis community and in the halls of corporate America. So on advice from people I trust I’ve decided that I should take another look at my film and make it something that I think is worthy of all the attention it’s gotten.

You can now take a look at the new version of “Elvis: What If?” here…I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know what you think of it now!


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  1. Johnny

    Hi there! I watched this Elvis doc last night and loved it! I do have a question: Was that letter at the end of the move real or did you create that? If so its there a copy online?

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